Sacred Order of Magnitude intends to provide a musical outlet that is encouraging and supportive of musicians of different genders, disabilities, race, ethical lifestyles and personal identities

If you have any specific considerations, need support to feel comfortable, or if have any concerns or grievances, you can speak to either myself (Matt) or Michelle and we will do our best to help

We Intend to keep membership at an even level of gender diversity
Gender non-conforming and female musicians are especially encouraged to join, as we would like to see more representation

We Intend to keep the format open to people with disability
Sacred Order aims to be big enough to absorb potential late minute cancellations that may be required in the event that disability or mental illness would make it hard for someone to perform

We strive to only recruit members without xenophobic attitudes
We encourage anyone that speaks English as a second language to participate, and will make sure they are made to feel welcome
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders are especially encouraged to join, as we would like to see more representation

We Intend to keep the format accessible and encouraging to people with varying ethical lifestyles
If you have any dietary restrictions, physiological or ethical, we can provide food that meets your needs

We try to recruit only people that we feel will not judge people based on their personal identity or lifestyle choices, with an emphasis on people on the progressive left side of politics
If you ever feel like you are not being made welcome, contact myself (Matt) or Michelle